Designing 3D Anaglyph Decals

This project began when I started making a new series of work for a collective show, "The Narrative Dish" shown at the Saskatchewan Craft Council Gallery.  This was the first time in my studio practice that I spent more hours working outside of the ceramics studio then with my hands in clay.   After researching several published tutorials on 'how to" turn illustrations and photographs in to 3D anaglyph decals, I adapted the processes to create one that worked for my particular application.  

The anaglyphic illustrations that I created, use an older and rather simple method of producing a 3D printed image. The concept behind this kind of image is to create two views of the same illustration in contrasting colours (red & cyan) and then slightly offset them to create two different perspectives.  A three-dimensional effect is then produced when the image is viewed through two coloured filters that match the colour in the image. 

With this particular body of work, I wanted to pursue the potential of the technologies that I normally use, but push them a bit further to create objects that are playful and interactive. 

Jennifer Demke-Lange